Southern Africa Stock Exchange (SASE), being setup by the developer of Africa's premier mobile payment service, ABBA Wallet, is designed to serve as the gateway to the world's most natural resources' abundantly endowed continent, Africa's market space.

SASE aims to create the next-generation securities marketplace where Africa based sellers and buyers from around the world meet to trade all types of financial securities using Cillar Coin, as a new cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain technology, which will serve as the medium of trading on SASE.

The vision for SASE is to become the primary marketplace for the raising of capital and to rechanneling cash resources into the Africa's productive economic activities, thus building the economy while enhancing a creation of sustainable job opportunities and wealth sharing throughout Africa.

Criteria for any Africa based company to list on SASE will include capital adequacy, profitability, spread of shares, years of existence and management efficiency.

SASE is specifically made for the African financial market, which is made up of 54 different African countries, with a combined population of more than 1.4 billion, and with each country having its own local fiat currency.

In order for SASE to enable Africa-based companies to easily list and trade on the SASE Bourse, SASE is partnering, on an exclusive-basis, with the New York City-based Cillar Labs, Inc to develop "Cillar Coin (CIL), a new digital currency, pegged 5:1 to the United States Dollar, based on blockchain technology, to better enable investors from all around the world to conveniently trade all types of financial assets of companies listed on SASE.

Cillar Coin would be convertible in real-time to any local fiat currency of choice upon demand using the Cillar Exchange Network (CEN), integrated within the SASE network.


  • Exchange Listing
  • Clearing
  • Financial Data

Founded on November 3, 2022, SASE Markets Limited is being organized as a Namibia company, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Los Angeles, California-based ABBA Platforms Inc.

The purpose of SASE Markets Limited is to develop, own and operate the SASE Bourse for the African continent.